Scrapbook p01/01
Vector drawing of my baby daughter
A quick vector drawing of my little baby daughter!
Nasa Kid 2 Pencil Work
Initial sketch for the Nasa Kid Illustration which was scanned, then inked and coloured in Illustrator. The finished image can be found in the illustration section.
Asteroid Camo
Reminds me of Supercook jelly diamonds which I used to raid from the baking cupboard as a kid. Even better made into a sort of salad with metalic silver balls, cooking chocolate and hundreds-and-thousands. Yum!
Polar Coordinates on a pixel field made up of gradient bars.
Pine trees on the Isle of Skye
Foster House, Bradford
Taken in March 2004 before it's demolition.
Construction Site. Oddly sinister.
Cairns on the Isle of Skye.
Detail from Constructs 1 and 2
Wow ten years old. Here is a detail from the original master image - it's nice to see it after all this time.
Hazmat series detail
Sample from the Hazmat series.
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