Design p01/02
Drug Prevention Week competition poster
Poster inviting young people to produce topical media for Drug Prevention Week. And yes, that's my little finger.
We Are The Future launch flyer
Flyer to promote album launch party.
Cardboard Christmas
Concept for Christmas recycling campaign featuring typesetting consisting of letters cut from corrugated cardboard, photographed and assembled in PhotoShop.
Swishing Party A3 promotional poster
Creative for an internal marketing campaign to promote a 'Swishing Party' event whereby attendees swap and recycle their unwanted garments and accessories.
Aaron Estates: Thinking Outside the Box
Flyer design for London-based estate agents. Box was created in SketchUp then hand-traced in Illustrator to add texture to the outlines, logos and basic colouring were added before finishing in PhotoShop to add shadows and shading.
Aaron Estates: 0% Commission A5 Flyer
Basic A5 double-sided flyer featuring finalised company brand and Estate Agent mascot character which was created as a face for the company's ongoing marketing campaign.
Aaron Estates: January Sale
Pared-down design for striking January Sale double-sided A5 flyer.
Kaizen Primary School promotional flyer and poster
Information flyer and poster aimed at parents advertising this London primary school.
Stop the Excuses
Basic design for the A3, A4 and A5 campaign posters. The character designs can also be found in the Illustration gallery. The configuration of text and figures was altered to fit various other marketing items such as pop-up banners and 48-sheet billboard posters.
Seasonal theme titles
Seasonal theme titles for children's activity listings featuring Illustrator custom artbrush and 3D effects produced solely in Illustrator.
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